Adobe Flex Coding Guidelines (English version)

As my commitment to community I’m releasing, with DClick support, our Adobe Flex Coding Guidelines, a document about Flex (MXML and ActionScript) coding conventions that we use on a regular basis.

The objective is clear: provide a common and consistent language to help code comprehension between developers. The practices established in this document are based on Java conventions, Flex 2 SDK and DClick team experience (including myself).

By releasing this document, the idea is to help the community improve their Flex code by using coding conventions as well and hear feedback
from community to continuously improve this document, that by now is a community asset.

I’ll be happy to have volunteers to form a committee or something to evolve this project further.

This way, comments on this document (including the best practices) are very welcome! Involve yourself at flexcoders thread, or at this post comments.

Adobe Flex Coding Guidelines v1.2 (English).pdf

Adobe Flex Coding Guidelines v1.2 (Portugues).pdf